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October 2007 Newsletter

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The transition to 2.0 is complete and the code has been stabilized. This means that we now have a lot of new items, monsters, artifacts, and spells we didn't have before. Among the other enhancements this brings are a completely new experience system, an updated chat system, a new guild system, and new champ system.

One of the biggest changes is that UOGateway can no longer be supported. In order to download the latest patches for the shard you will have to connect with ConnectUO Desktop. There is also a known issue with 9th Anniversary Edition. If you have this version, please download and install Mondain's Legacy. Please visit our Downloads section for everything you need and watch the Forums for patch update information.

Some concerns have been expressed about the new champ system as they no longer leave corpses, therefore no gold. This has been instituted in an effort to rebalance the economy, and the payouts for champs are still quite well. This was never the real purpose for the champ system anyway, the purpose is to collect the champ skulls. That's right, the boss champs are now working once again, and that means runespells. So find all those champ skulls you have lying around and go kill some real champions...if you dare!

All skills are now working, including Bushido, Ninjitsu, and Cartography. Yes, that means Treasure Maps are also working now. Please visit the local mapmaker for a list of our new custom maps.

Contracts have been completely rewritten. You should no longer be receiving any contracts for monsters that could not possibly be spawned, or anything that is non-hostile. That means no more pack horses. Also, since the new champ system uses a completely different set of monsters, even if they did leave corpses, they wouldn't count towards contracts. If you have any contracts that could not possibly be filled, please contact an administrator.

There are brand new public gate systems in place for Illshenar, Malas, and Tokuno. Luna and Umbra in Malas have been completely populated as well and the vendors readily await your business. Visit the gateroom to go some place new today.

After thorough and rigorous testing, the crop fields are ready to be planted. Look for your local farmer returning soon so you can use all your crop seeds that you've been collecting. Several farmable spawns will be appearing around Akara as well. Keep an eye out for them.

Several events are scheduled for later this month as we approach the fall holidays. Watch the Forums for new postings.

Over the next few months you will be receiving several new patch updates. These will include several new and unique places and dungeons that have never been seen before. Some were discovered long lost on our current map, some are of brand new origin. The South Seas will be opening soon with entirely new islands, cities, and landscapes to explore. This will effectively double the size of our custom map!

Other improvements are scheduled soon as well, including escortables, paintball, capture the flag, factions, new quests, and new mining caves. New items will be for sale soon as well.

This is an exciting and changing time for Akara. You truly never know what your going to see today. Come join us and tell us all of the strange new place you found today.


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