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What's New Around Akara

February 2008 Newsletter

Check here to find out what's going on with all the new improvements around Akara



Check out the new Akara Public Workshop located in Essex. To find the location, click the light blue rune on table near the bank. Complete with all the things you need to craft such as a forge and anvil, a loom, a spinning wheel, ect... and Free use of the Dye Tubs !!!

Check out the Harbor Master, to find this location click the cinnamon rune on table near the bank, next to light blue rune. Here you can buy supplies for boating, fishing, ect... Rumor has it that the Thief Guildmaster is located somewhere near.

Check out the new Event Prize Room, these items can be yours if you can win a prize ticket at one of our many events. Tickets can be exchanged for 1 item per ticket. The clothing sets are multiple items and require more than one ticket. These items are Unique and custom hued. Be the 1st to get your favorite item!!!

Dont Miss Out on the EXP BASH happening right now in Akara, Congratulations on getting the votes we needed to make it happen! With strange new monsters spawning in different locations, these monsters give high exp and some have special loot as well. For more info check the Town Criers often!!! Also exp checks are being randomly hidden in different dungeon locations around akara, they do DECAY so find one TODAY!!!

Staff is aware of a bug concerning crop fields. If you have trouble planting seeds in yours, its most likely that you have more than one area (i.e. added on to it). This results in dead spots where the edges of the areas overlap. One large area will give more plantable space than multiple small ones. To fix this, simply double-click the crop field sign and click manage field. Here you will see one or more lines that give co-ordinates. If you see more than one, you will need to remove them all and make one single field. This should resolve the issue. If it does not please page a staff member for more assistance.

Quest Information can be accessed by single clicking your person

Title Information can be accessed by single clicking your person

Guild Information is now accessed in your paperdoll, not the guildstone

Token Checks can be created by placing tokens in your bankbox and typing "tokencheck xxxxx" / with xxxx = amount

Players are to keep vendors stocked often or vendor will be removed

Most of the New Spawn Locations have been found. If there is one you have not found, ask a friend

The Akara Essex Library is open and has some good information, more will be added so check back often

Please Remember to Vote on ConnectUO for your favorite shard every Monday


ATTENTION Players new to Akara

Please Read the Book " Getting Started " located at the Library

Please Remember to INSURE your items to Prevent their Loss (this can be done by single clicking your person) Beware this costs gold that must be in your bankbox, not checks!

Please turn on Auto Renew Item Insurance (this can also be done by single clicking your person) this only needs to be done once.

Please be aware that items lost because of Lack of Insurance or a Lack of Gold, will NOT be replaced by Staff. Keep plenty of Gold in your bankbox!


Please Page Staff if you have any questions or problems as we are here to assist you.


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