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March 2008 Newsletter

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*BEWARE* the Rules in Essex have Changed! Although stealing is now allowed, the act of stealing may flag you as a criminal, allowing anyone to legally attack & loot you. Stealing from any player who has not reached the level of Elder is ILLEGAL!! And will result in that player being JAILED!! Repeat offenders will be BANNED!! If you enter Essex after recently committing a criminal act and are flagged as Gray, you are vulnerable to attack and can be LEGALLY LOOTED!! If you attack another Blue player, you will get guardwhacked!! Red players can be attacked at all times with no chance of being flagged as a criminal or getting guardwhacked. PKing in champs or certain dungeons remains ILLEGAL!!

Congratulations to KING TRAMUS!! May his reign be a long one. The king is looking for leaders to govern the 6 major cities of Akara. Elections are being held to select the people most eager and well qualified to govern. These leaders will have the Title of Duke or Duchess of the particular city and receive a Special Cloak to designate their city and status. After the Dukes have been chosen, more info on special events will be given. An election will be held each week. GOOD LUCK to EVERYONE!!

We are Pleased to Announce some recent staff promotions! Sarrek is now an Admin, F.B.I. is now a GM, and Inexes is now a GM. We also have a new staff member, Tsunami. Thanks to staff for all the hard work, both in game and behind the scenes.

We are accepting applications for staff positions, see the Akara Essex website in the forums section for more details.

Plans for a BIG SURPRISE are in the works if we can get 80 VOTES for 3 weeks in a row, so vote and remind others to vote on CUO!!

Curses for Vampires, Werewolves and Undead are now fully functional!! The cures for all illnesses are still available in the Reward Room.

Blowdart Guns are now available in the Reward Room along with many kinds of darts!!

House Deeds are now available from town Architects!!

Crop fields are now functional in Malas and Tokuno!!

Pet Bonding Deeds are now available from Animal Trainers!!

Head wear like hats are runic craftable now but they cannot be leveled further.

There is a New Monster Contract Vendor located in Ilshenar. This one is not in a town and will therefore sell to Red players. Happy Hunting!

Alliance Chat is now Functional however the command is [a

The Yomotsu Mines are now spawned in Tokuno. As some players have found out, there are stealable artifacts there, so next time you visit be careful or you may find yourself dead!

Quest Information can be accessed by single clicking your person

Title Information can be accessed by single clicking your person

Guild Information is now accessed in your paperdoll, not the guildstone

Token Checks can be created by placing tokens in your bankbox and typing "tokencheck xxxxx" / with xxxx = amount

Players are to keep vendors stocked often or vendor will be removed

Most of the New Spawn Locations have been found. If there is one you have not found, ask a friend

The Akara Essex Library is open and has some good information, more will be added so check back often

Please Remember to Vote on ConnectUO for your favorite shard every Monday


ATTENTION Players new to Akara

Please Read the Book " Getting Started " located at the Library

Please Remember to INSURE your items to Prevent their Loss (this can be done by single clicking your person) Beware this costs gold that must be in your bankbox, not checks!

Please turn on Auto Renew Item Insurance (this can also be done by single clicking your person) this only needs to be done once.

Please be aware that items lost because of Lack of Insurance or a Lack of Gold, will NOT be replaced by Staff. Keep plenty of Gold in your bankbox!


Please Page Staff if you have any questions or problems as we are here to assist you.


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