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September 2008 Newsletter

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Mondain's Legacy Unveiled

Mondain's Legacy has brought many changes to Akara. First of all, you will notice the additional craftable items for many professions. Some of these require that you learn a recipe, more on that in just a little bit. Bonus Resources are also given when mining or logging and are necessary for some of the new items. If you have a resource box, you will have noticed that 4 new types of logs were added, as well as the ability to craft boards from the different types of logs. New items, such as aquariums, are for sale from vendors around town.

As your wandering around looking for these new items, your bound to notice the new "Quest Givers". All the ones in town are normally spawned in Haven to give new players the task of raising their skills. If your skill level is over 50, then these new quests will not be offered to you. More advanced quests are offered on some of the other maps. Mondain's Legacy uses a new style quest system, to see if they are offering a quest to you, simply double-click on the npc. If nothing happens, then there is no quest for you. The new quest information is accessed with the "Quests" button on your paperdoll. You can have up to 10 quests at once. Some of the quests require that you collect a certain number of items. In order for the quest giver you take them, they have to be flagged as quest items. To do this, you click on your character and select Toggle Quest Item from the context menu, then target the items. If you have the right number of items, when you go back to the quest giver and click on them, your quest will be complete. Old style quests, such as "The Summoning" in Doom, are still accessed from the context menu when you click on your character.

Several of the new ML areas, Twisted Weald, Citadel, Labyrinth, and Bedlam, have been spawned on the other maps. However, the areas do not yet exist on the Felucca map. These areas are being added to our map and as soon as we are able to repatch with ConnectUO we will implement them. We will update players as more areas are opened.

We also had some custom updates. Blood Steeds have been added, which are basically a tamable version of Vampiric Steeds. Some players love em, some hate em, go find out for yourself. Special artifact drops have also been added to the Runemaster. Now if you don't get a rune, you will get one of these 7 special artifacts. Like runespells, these artifacts require gemstones to power them up. To charge them, say "Add Gems" and a target will appear. Target the artifact then the gems you wish to add to it and the charges will update.

We are Accepting applications for staff positions, see the Akara Essex website in the forums section for more details.

Blow Guns are now available in the Reward Room along with many kinds of darts!!

Alliance Chat is now Functional however the command is [a

Title Information can be accessed by single clicking your person

Token Checks can be created by placing tokens in your bankbox and typing "tokencheck xxxxx" / with xxxx = amount

Players are to keep vendors stocked often or vendor will be removed

The Akara Essex Library is open and has some good information, more will be added so check back often


ATTENTION Players new to Akara

Please Read the Book " Getting Started " located at the Library

Please Remember to INSURE your items to Prevent their Loss (this can be done by single clicking your person) Beware this costs gold that must be in your bankbox, not checks!

Please turn on Auto Renew Item Insurance (this can also be done by single clicking your person) this only needs to be done once.

Please be aware that items lost because of Lack of Insurance or a Lack of Gold, will NOT be replaced by Staff. Keep plenty of Gold in your bankbox!


Please Page Staff if you have any questions or problems as we are here to assist you.


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