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April 2009 Newsletter

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Come one! Come all!

Having troubles selling your goods? What you need is a tried and true method, proven to sell your valuables. I’m an experienced auctioner that has recently come to Akara Essex. For a pittance fee of just 100gp, I will gladly enter your valuables into my auction system for others to bid on.
I only deal in quality merchandise that is readily examinable. I will not except commodity deeds or shrunken items, however, I will gladly list the actual commodity or item. Due to the high volume of valuables expected, a strict limit of no more then 10 auctions, that can last up to 14 days from the list date, will be allowed. This will ensure an up-to-date catalogue for your convenience.
The system I have set-up for the viewing of both items others have posted and the items you have given for auction, is accessible by simply typing in [myauction. From there, you are able to do anything I offer, except place items for auctions. For that, I need to check the items personally so you will have to come to me for inspection before placement of the items.
I am located next to a reputable Mage shop, just up the street from a helpful Blacksmith. As part of my contract that was set up with your staff, there is now a container in your bank box. This box MUST have enough gold in it if you plan to list or buy anything through my system. This is the only means you will have for transactions. Unfortunately, my contract at current does not cover any purchases outside of my auction system or death insurance, so make sure to keep enough loose gold out for those purposes.
I hope you find my services both helpful and rewarding. I am looking forward to doing business with all of you.

We are Accepting applications for staff positions, see the AkaraEssex website in the forums section for more details.

Blow Guns are now available in the Reward Room along with many kinds of darts!!

Alliance Chat is now Functional however the command is [a

Title Information can be accessed by single clicking your person

Token Checks can be created by placing tokens in your bankbox and typing "tokencheck xxxxx" / with xxxx = amount

Players are to keep vendors stocked often or vendor will be removed

The Akara Essex Library is open and has some good information, more will be added so check back often


ATTENTION Players new to Akara

Please Read the Book " Getting Started " located at the Library

Please Remember to INSURE your items to Prevent their Loss (this can be done by single clicking your person) Beware this costs gold that must be in your bankbox, not checks!

Please turn on Auto Renew Item Insurance (this can also be done by single clicking your person) this only needs to be done once.

Please be aware that items lost because of Lack of Insurance or a Lack of Gold, will NOT be replaced by Staff. Keep plenty of Gold in your bankbox!


Please Page Staff if you have any questions or problems as we are here to assist you.


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