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August 2012 Newsletter

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Akara's Move Home...


Alexander did a wonderful job bringing the shard back to life and saving the domain name It had expired and my idiot webhost neglected to inform me of the domain's expiration. Alex jumped in and snagged the name for us and then put the server up with whatever save files he was able to get. I'm grateful for this as we all should be since Akara would be in a much more decrepid state had he not stepped in. I'd like to offer a big congratulations to him for his help.

Now that things have somewhat settled down I am back running the server on my server hardware. It features a Dell Precision Workstation t7500 with Dual Quadcore Intel Xeon Processors - Definately more than needed for Runuo, but hey you can never have too much horsepower or speed. I have hired some great players on staff and you wil lsee them around. Namely Pacman - Belial - Pyriel - Mr. Fantastic - Thomas and of course Myself (Rahvintheevil) Alexander & C.I.A->Shard Owners

If I have omitted someone on staff I apologize. I do wish to thank all the staff especially the Admins that have been indespensible in moving all the players' stuff/stats over from Alexanders copy of Akara as well as getting the word out that we were moving back home.


Please Page Staff if you have any questions or problems or feel free to email us at ezcomputersllc *at* -gmail- <dot> com. (Remove extra characters etc which are there to deter spambots)


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